Monday, October 7, 2013

Re-creating Dior's S/S '13 Couture Jeweled Lips

(Left: Dior S/S '13 Couture Right: Spirit Of A Dream's take)

Even as fall is beginning to make its presence known, and we celebrate the wrap up of yet another women's runway season--our hearts are still stuck two seasons back. Raf Simon's Spring 2013 Couture collection for Dior is still burned in our minds, specifically that magical make up. Dior's jewel encrusted lips are both playful and elegant. The look may have premiered for the Spring '13 season, but we're still sporting this look into the fall season. It's a great choice for both clubbing or fall parties. Try matching your stones to fall's most beautiful lip colors: plums, deep reds, burnt oranges, and for a daringly sleek look try black! 

Click through for a tutorial!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sidewalk Film Festival 2013

    Last year Stephanie & I volunteered at our local film festival. That year was also the first time we had ever attended. In 2012, we unfortunately did not get to see many films however we did manage to catch Adam Wingard's American horror film, V/H/S. V/H/S is about a group of guys that find a collection of homemade horror short films. The film itself was a hit or miss depending on the short film. The experience of the film was heightened because we got to see it in an intimate theater in a less then safe area, at a late hour.  This year we decided to actually take the whole weekend to check out some of the latest independent films. The festival had a wide offering of movies & documentaries from all genres and styles. Below are the featured films that stood out to us and we highly recommend.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Making The Cut

I'm a 3rd generation pixie wearer in my family. It started with my grandmother when she was a model in a hair competition in the 1960's. The stylist gave her a Vidal Sassoon inspired geometrical crop that ended up being the winning cut of the show. Fast forward to the late 80s when my mom decided to get a super short pixie that has remained her signature style today. I then followed in their footsteps my junior year of high school. So I guess you can say it's a tradition among the Voigt family women.

For most I suppose the style can be quite scary, but for me it was never a frowned upon cut or one that created question of femininity. As a child peeking through the doorway of our bathroom, I would watch my mother put her daily face on and think she was the most elegant, feminine person I know--and she truly was. She instilled in me a mentality that you should never be ruled by trends or social expectation. Fashion is fun, and it should be what YOU make of it. Because after all nothing is permanent and you are always welcome to evolve once you feel the need to. If you are worried about pulling off this look, I believe having this mindset is essential. Ever heard the saying that confidence is attractive?

So you want the cut, now how to go about it?! Should you just take the dive? Perhaps. If you are brave about it. I wasn't quite as brave as my mother & grandmother and instead turned it into a 4-step process.

Step 1? Start going shorter! My first plan of action was to go from my long, mid back gracing hair to a short bob ala Kiera Knightley a few years ago. If you liked this look you can move to step 2.
Step 2? Analyze your face shape and try to find a short style that will compliment your features. A quick Google will find tons of material on the subject. 
Step 3? For my first pixie I chose a slightly longer version. I think it's very important to choose a stylist you trust and to always provide a picture! I brought in this shot of Agyness Deyn when she had slightly longer bangs to frame the face, making it feel like more hair was there.
Step 4? Carpe diem! This time I brought in a shot of Mia Farrow from Rosemary's baby and received the hairstyle that I now keep today.  

Follow the cut to read about my top 5 pixie muses.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Personal Style: Fall Shoes

Recently I had to go visit a podiatrist for a toe injury. There I was informed I had been wearing the wrong shoe size for quite some time! Its disheartening to know that not only were you wearing the wrong size but that you no longer can wear your shoes without causing further injury. Naturally I took the opportunity to invest in some new shoes. Since the weather is changing & soon it will be fall, I decided to focus on fall/winter shoes. The shoes pictured above are on of my favorite styles. They are a brogue shoe meets tuxedo style. I like that the shoes are simple in black and white. Shoes of that style typically have laces however these do not, they simply slip on. The lack of laces adds to the minimal style. Menswear inspired shoes with a pointed toe are a must have for me. Find these shoes here!

Another must have for me, ankle boots! I was looking for comfortable ankle boots with some edge. The ones pictured where found at Target by Stephanie & they are perfect. They are extremely comfortable with a small heel. Find these shoes here!

Stephanie's spiked sock D.I.Y.:

 A super simple D.I.Y. that goes well with your new fall ankle boots! This isn't an original idea, lately I've seen spikes on everything--socks being the latest clothing item to get the treatment. A quick search on Tumblr or Etsy and you'll see ton's of styles from tie-dyed, to knee-high. I like the look of classic white socks, especially with my thrifted Doc Marten look alike boots. 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chanel Azure Nail Polish Dupe

Been coveting Chanel Azure lately. Too bad my current bank accounts don't allow for such extravagance. Went to my local grocery store today to find this little gem in the aisles! N.Y.C. has come out with a near dead-ringer for Azure. The quality is okay, but the color pay off is great. Maybe this will satisfy my cravings for now.

Here's to being cheap && looking expensive!

N.Y.C. Quick Dry Nail Polish in 206 East Village $1.72

(Chanel polish image via